Baby Skull Pacifier

The coolest, most cute and unique baby skull collectible NFT

Let's get 1/9999 original Baby Skull


Baby Skull Pacifier

Baby Skull Pacifier is for "costumes", "hairstyles", "hats", "accessories", "pacifiers", etc.

It consists of various options.

A collection of 9999 types of NFTs that are cute, cool, and sometimes mysterious.

There are no same combinations or different color schemes, and all are one-of-a-kind items.

Find your favorite Baby Skull and welcome it to your wonderful NFT collection.

Since we have adopted the optimal design configuration as an icon for SNS.

Please enjoy according to the season and your mood.


Why BSP?

Enjoy holder only events

🔓Owned benefits🔓

🎁 1 BSP possession

Holder only Airdrop lottery participation right

Community participation code grant

Entry on BSP official Discord


🎁 5BSP possession

1BSP Airdrop


🎁 10 BSP possession

Airdrop confirmed at the holder limited Airdrop event

(lottery and separate frame)


🎁 15 BSP possession

Presenting a rare NFT with an official mark

(With optional order benefits)


🔄Secondary distribution privilege🔄


🎁With the establishment of secondary distribution for each 3BSP

1BSP Airdrop


🎁With the establishment of secondary distribution every 15 BSP

Presenting a rare NFT with an official mark

(With optional order benefits)

How much for?

#0001~#0010 ⇒ 0.003ETH (Polygon)

#0011~#0030 ⇒ 0.004ETH (Polygon)


#0031~#0069 ⇒ 0.005ETH(Polygon)

#0070~#0100 ⇒ 0.006ETH(Polygon)




Where can I enter the BSP community?



It will be BSP official Discord. https://discord.gg/9dzjUanD


Can I choose a work with Airdrop?



I'm sorry It will be distributed randomly.


How can I receive the benefits I have and the benefits of secondary distribution?



Please participate in the BSP official Discord and let us know the number of the work you have and the number of the work for which secondary distribution has been established.


Do I lose the right to the privilege related to the number of possessions if I give up the work due to secondary distribution etc.?




We will check the transaction history for the works that you have once owned. Therefore, the number of holding history = the number of holdings.


If I let go of the rare BSP with the official mark due to secondary distribution etc., will I lose the right to the rare BSP possession privilege?



Yes If you do not have a rare BSP with an official mark, you will not be granted any benefits.


Rare BSP with official mark How many will be issued?



Any number until reaching 9999 Will be issued.